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Brief introduction
new developed triclocarlin is a high-efficiency, wide-spectrum antibacterial agent, which is a pale yellow sticky liquid and still a transparent liquid after diluted with water. It’s easily incorporate into deodorant liquid soap, cosmetic, shampoo, cleansing lotions, mouthwash, and shaving cream. It can also used in medical instruments for the antisepsis purpose. Triclocarlin have high stability in the condition of acid and alkali and have fine antibacterial effect, fine compatible. It can kill many kind of bacterium instantly.
active component
specification and safety
Appearance: white or pale yellow sticky liquid.
Odor: same as standard sample
PH value: 6-9
sodium chloride content(%):≤5.0
active BS-12 content(%): 35±2
Non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin and eyes.
Fine stability in the conditions of acid and alkali, have fine compatible with anionic-, cationic-, and non-ionic surfactants and can increase the effect of them.
Have fine stability diluted with water and is a transparent liquid, have highly active antibacterial effect.
Have cleansing and antibacterial action, slightly irritating to the skin, prevent skin from aging.
Non-toxic, safety, biodegradation, pliability, antistatic, and anti-rust.
Package: 50kg, 200kg plastic barrel
Shelf time: 1 year in cool and dry place.
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