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ZHIHUA always promise to help customers to enhance competition in the market To meet customers’ needs in recent years, ZHIHUA positively  transforms the service management pattern, formulates the customer-centered business strategy, provides the solution to innovation, development and cost reduction, which let customers have more choices. This also has taken effect in China.

20 years are not a short history. Years of market experience make ZHIHUA understand to persist in innovation and to establish profound cooperation relationships with customers are one of the key strategies to success.

In 1985 Xiangshan Xizhou Chemical Co,.Ltd entered the powder coating area as a manufacturer. Its business covers the eastern and the mid-west part of China.

In 1993 ZHIHUA was founded and officially became the leader in the Additives production area. Its business expanded to main economical regions in China and the Southeast Asia area.

In 1995 ZHIHUA set up the region net for sales across the country, and completed the market distribution by the end of the year.

In 1998 Ningbo Xiangshen Corporation was founded by way of purchasing. The production line extends from industrial area to civilian area. Its main products are exterior and interior wall paints.

ZHIHUA were approved by French technological quality supervision and appraisal committee for using the label with authority of this committee on Dec 8, 1999.

The paints were further certified to be up to the environmental protection standard of U.S. by EEC committee on Apr 17, 2000.
The company passed ISO9002 quality management system certification in May, 2001.

In May, 2002 the paints passed the test of Chinese paint quality supervision and inspection center and was up to the national compulsory standard GB1858-2001. So Xiangshen coating is recommended by Chinese association of paint industry, national paint and pigment standardized technology committee and Chinese paint quality supervision and inspection center as one of the first 18 enterprises of manufacturing safe and environment-friendly paints in China.

Xiangshen coating passed the authentication of “Chinese environmental protection symbol product” in March,2003.
.In July, 2003 Xiangshen coating was awarded the title of “Chinese famous brand”.

In July, 2003 Xiangshen Chemical co.,Ltd was ranked by national credit evaluation center and national investigative statistic trade association as Grade AAA Trust Enterprise in Chinese Building Material Trade.

In November, 2003 the Corporation passed the certification ISO14001 of environmental quality managing system..

In August, 2004 following China’s western development policy, the company established Zhengzhou subsidiary company to develop the mid-west coating market. Xiangshen coating becomes the only one of Zhejiang coating enterprise in the mid-west.

In October, 2004 ZHIHUA completed the capital reorganization. The company achievement continues to climb high and its market share comes out on top in this industry.

In July, Novemeber 2004,our company is certified as the new high-tech enterprise of Ningbo city and Zhejiang Province through being confirmed by the experts.

In February, 2005 Xiangshen coating becomes the biggest coating enterprise in market share and sale volume in Ningbo area.
In March, 2005, the company completes specialized production base for TCC series products .

In July, 2005 the company succeeds in developing TR-1 Deoxidizing and Derusting Primer and it has passed the close inspection by the Marine Paint Xiamen Control Point of Chinese Shipping Industry.