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English name: TriclocarbanChemical name: 3,4,4'-trichlorocarbanilide Synonyms: Trichlorocarbanilide, N-(4-chlorophenyl)-N'-(3,4-dichlorophenyl) ureaMolecular formula and weight: C13H9CL3N2O=315.6CAS N…+more
p-Chlorophenyl isocyanate
Produce Name: p-Chlorophenyl isocyanateProperty:There are stiumlant smell .M.P:203°C. Specific gravity D420 :1.200 C.P.29°C .This is poisonousMolecular Formula: C7H4NOCL Molecular Weight: 153.57CAS No…+more
Chemical Name: 2,4,4’-Trichlorine-2’-Hydroxyl Diphenyl Ether Trade Name: DP300 or Triclosan Molecular Formula: C12H7O2Cl3 Molecular Weight: 289.54 Structural Formula: CAS NO: 3380-34-5 Speciality:…+more
Paraben series
The paraben series is used as an antiseptic, which is used the most widely in the worldwide with the large dosage at high efficiency. The application domain refers to medicine, food, beer, drinks, tob…+more
Chemical Name: 4-chloro-3,5-xylenolOther Names: Chloroxylenol、4-chloroxyleno、4-chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol、PCMXMolecular Formula: C8H9C10CAS NO: 88-04-0Quality SpecificationItemStandardAppearanceWhi…+more
Brief introduction new developed triclocarlin is a high-efficiency, wide-spectrum antibacterial agent, which is a pale yellow sticky liquid and still a transparent liquid after diluted with water. It…+more