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Environment, health and safety policy
1. We, to protect the welfare of our employees, neighbors, customers, consumers and the environment, make constant efforts to reduce the hazards and risks arising from the manufacture, storage, transportation, marketing, use, recycling and disposal of our products.
---- Our aim is Zero Accidents.

2. We are determined to make continuous improvements in matters of safety, health and environmental protection, which we regard as one of our permanent duties. We do so on our own initiative and in consultation with the authorities.

3. Our services in the fields of construction, lifestyle, industrial help to meet the needs of an ever-growing world population. We are committed to Sustainable Development and Green Product.

4. We actively support the chemical industry's "Responsible Care" initiative, encourage EHS awareness among all employees, and integrate the "Responsible Care" concept into our overall operating system. We take any action ascertained to be necessary, whether or not dictated by statutory obligation or official regulations.