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Located on the coast of the East China Sea, Ningbo Zhihua Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in 1985. We specialize in the development and manufacture of all kinds of powder coating addictives, anti-corrosive paints and microbicides. The main products are  Triclocarban(TCC),Triglycidyl Isocyanurate (TGIC), P-Chlorophenyl Isocyanate, Chloramine T,TR-1 Deoxidizing and Derusting Primer,Multi-function Flow Modifier, Gloss Enhancing Agent, Matt-finishing Hardener, Floating Agent, Benzoin, Pyromellitic Dianhydride, AR607Pure Polyester Dulling Resin,and so on. Our products are sold to more than three hundred users in twenties of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities at home, and some products are exported to the countries in West Europe, South East Asia and Middle East, which enables us to enjoy good reputation.

By now, our company occupies an area of 37000 M2 with a floor space of 18000  M2 and owns total property of over 55 million RMB. There are 95 staff, 45 of who are specialized technicians of different fields. The company is coming to own a large productivity of 3000 tons of Triclocarban(TCC),500tons of  TR-1 Deoxidizing and Derusting Primer, 2000 tons of Multi-Function Flow Modifier, 1000 tons of Gloss Enhancing Agent, 3000 tons of Triglycidyl Isocyanurate (TGIC),1000 tons of P-Chlorophenyl Isocyanate, 500 tons of Chloramine T,500 tons of Matt-finishing Hardener in each and 200 tons of Floating Agent, Benzoin and 200 tons of Pyromellitic Dianhydride, 500 tons of AR607Pure Polyester Dulling Resin per year. Through years of continuous efforts, our company has taken the second place of the market share in powder Additives industry, and has became the largest  microbicides production enterprise for TCC in Asia.

The company's consistent management policy is to take market as orientation, science and technology as impetus, and quality as life. The enterprise spirit on which the company relies for existence is innovation, high efficiency, good faith and pragmatic inclination. According to the management policy of 'Excellent Quality, Excellent Service', Quality management strictly follows ISO9002 system. These years the company not only enhances technological transformations and manufactures new products, but also pays attention to talents’ introduction and raise in order to improve the quality of products and services, which is leading the company to a good, fast and steady development. The company had the honor to win 'Advanced Enterprise of Chemical Industry of Zhejiang Province', 'Key Private Rural Enterprise of Zhejiang Province', 'Advanced Enterprise of Ningbo' and 'Strength-oriented enterprise of Xiangshan County'. Ningbo Zhihua Chemical Co., Ltd. is willing to contribute to national industry and environmental protection industry in the new century!