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The ZHIHUA Group professes its belief in acting responsibly and with integrity in its "Values and Principles". These conceptions and principles describe and emphasize the manner in which also we, ZHIHUA, strive to achieve the objectives of the Vision 2015 throughout our routine business activities. In order to achieve these objectives we need the trust of our customers, business partners, the stockholders of ZHIHUA Group companies and the general public. Employees who act responsibly provide the basis for this.
High business ethics and integrity ensure our credibility. We expect our employees to take personal responsibility to observe the laws and regulations of government, under which they operate and fulfill their obligations in a professional manner. We will make every effort to fulfill our obligations to our customers, suppliers, and other commercial partners in a thorough and professional manner.
Our Managers in particular must live up to their role as models and demonstrate a high degree of social and ethical competence. The high demands which we thus impose on the actions of our employees goes hand in hand with the obligation of our company to provide corresponding information and support to all of our employees.