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English name: Triclocarban
Chemical name: 3,4,4'-trichlorocarbanilide
Synonyms: Trichlorocarbanilide, N-(4-chlorophenyl)-N'-(3,4-dichlorophenyl) urea
Molecular formula and weight: C13H9CL3N2O=315.6
CAS No.: [101-20-2]

TCC is a high-effective and broad-spectrum antimicrobial. It has the bactericidal characteristics of continuance, safety and stability.It has great compatibility with the skin and high effective control and kill function on Gram-negative bacteria, epiphyte, microzyme and virus. Compare to traditional chlorine and oxygen type  disinfectant, the TCC's prominent merit is its extremely good stability and the compatibility , it does not have the ill-smelling smell, also the drug efficacy is lasting.Even if being diluted 30,000,000 times, it still can restrain some certain kinds of pathogenic bacteria's growth.          
TCC is a highly effective, broad-spectrum and safe new antibiotics.Adds TCC in the soap which is used for antibacterial and deodorization,it may use to disinfect and reduce the overlapping infection when the doctor, patient or food profession operator wash their hands, it also can dispel the human body unusual smell, eliminate sweat smell, prevent and control venereal diseases.Adds TCC in the saliva and the toothpaste, has highly effective antibacterial to the oral cavity pathogenic bacteria, also has no harmful effect to the oral cavity's .May reduce the gum to infect, eliminates the halitosis, clear the dental plaque, does not have bad feeling in the mouth.Adds it in the foot nursing agent, may eliminate the foot to be smelly, prevents the foot gas. Adds it in the facewash or cleaning cream, may kill the available bacteria which causes the whelk,and clean flesh and prevent the whelk at the same time. Adds it in the baby prickly heat powder, may protect the baby skin, prevents the prickly heat and the tetter. Adds it in the shampoo, may stop itch and prevent the scurf. Moreover, it is good with the textile fiber adherency, suits to add into the antibacterial and textile finishing agent which has the deodorization function.The acrylic resin treated after it, may get the acrylic fibres which has the bactericidal and antibacterial functions.Such kind of fibre may still have good antibacterial function after dozens of time's wash, it is very safe and endure the water wash. Use the disinfectant dispersion system which contains the TCC to spray on or soak the acrylic fibers product, may enable it to have strong antibacterial and deodorization functions.The usage of TCC is 0.2-0.5%, dissolve in nonionic surfactants, such as the 6501.AEO9,AEO7, polyethyleneglycol 300、polyethyleneglycol 100、polyethyleneglycol 600、TX-10 and so on.
Ⅰ.TCC's main usage: Be added in fancy soap, shampoo, bodywash, facewash, laundry powder, the wound paste, the cosmetology cosmetics, shaving cream, the toothpaste, the mouth wash, the antibacterial tableware detergent, the wound disinfectant, the fabric antibacterial reorganization medicinal preparation, the medical disinfectant, the fiber textile and the products which can eliminates the dermatophytosis and the underarm odor , in order to sterilize, kill germs and deodorizes.
Ⅱ.TCC has following outstanding points::
(ⅰ)Broad-spectrum quality--Has kill and inhibition function on Gram-negative bacteria, epiphyte, microzyme and virus, especially remarkable on the skin Bacteria Jiaogu which decompounds body sweat and urine.
(ⅱ)Highly efficiency-- has activity at the low concentration usually is the product's 0.2-0.5%.
(ⅲ)Safety-- Under the normal concentration,, it is harmless to the skin and eyes, no stimulability.
(ⅳ)Durability--do not dissolve in water. When applies in the skin, the flushing is not easy to wash away, therefore continues to display the sterilization effect, lengthens the deodorization
time (residual antibacterial effect).
(ⅴ)Solubility - to combine with the fancy soap, shampoo, bodywash, facewash , laundry powder and hand soap, it still maintains activeness.
(ⅵ)Stability--TCC may not cause discoloration when meet the side reaction, light and thermal stability.
Ⅲ. TCC's adding dosage:As the cosmetics' antiseptic, the permissible concentration is 0.2%; as the active constituent of washing kinds, the permissible highest concentration is 2%. Should According to the products' type, the recommendable concentration is 0.2-1.0%.
Ⅳ. TCC's toxicity:
Acute diameter mouth toxicity test:
(mouse)—LD50 no lower than 5600Mg/kg
acute skin irritation test:(rabbit)—Ld50 no lower than 7940mg/kg
no irritation to the skin and eyes, do not indicate the latent anaphylaxis.
Ⅴ. The usage of the TCC: TCC's water solubility is slight (slighter than 0.1%), so it needs solvent when uses in liquid formula.May need the sinking agent in the formula, and the stability controls by emulsification. Uses deflocculating agent makes the product viscosity, this will be advantageous in using the TCC in bathing dew, the shampoo and the medicine formulas.
Ⅵ. The sterilization and deodorization experiment of the ( TCC)
The sterilization research of the TCC deodorant liquid soap:
The sterilization Test of the TCC deodorant liquid soap indicates that the soap which contains 0.5-2.0% TCC can effectively deduce 50-95% bacterium on hands. The deodorization test of the  fancy soap indicates that the body odor will deduce massively even if the touch time was very short(4-9 seconds).
Ⅶ. Packing, transportation and storage: 25 or 40kg/ drum. With the paper barrel inside lining plastic bag, places in cool and dry places. Shelf time: 2 years.

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