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Gloss enhancing agent

Gloss enhancing agent

Chemical Composition: multi polymer ofButyl Acrylate Monomer and butyl methacrylate

We are the earliest company to researchgloss agents. This product has super moist function to polar additive of powdercoatings and to substrate of powder coatings, in process of production andconstruction of powder coatings, It also can eliminate crater and pinhole,increase luster, accelerate low and leveling.

Technical Specification:


White or slight-yellow Coarse particle or powder





Softening point





1. The main usage of this product is toimprove the powder coatings’ anti-polluting, or avoid sinkhole of the surface

2. The product can be applied to allkind of powder coatings

3. Application methods: Add the productdirectly with other materials, mixed then extruded

Dosage: 0.5%-1.5% wt of the total,subject to the test

4. This product do not contain silicone,no stainno influence to adhesion foe secondcoating

5. Must use with leveling agentstogether, can not use separately as leveling agent


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