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D68 Matt

D68 Matt-finishing Hardner

D68 Matt-finishing Hardner is salt preparedfrom cyclic amidine and polycarboxylic acid . it is equal to B68 of HüLS (A.G.). it can be used ascuring agent for epoxy/polyester hybrid powder coatings with super Matt-finishfilm of coatings and excellent of vrious mechanicaproperties . through adjustedthe formulations , can make luster of coating film of coating film changingbetween matt finish and high gloss with better apprarence .

Specifications :

Appearance : white or pale powder

Melting point range: 222-228



Recommended curingconditions

180×20-25 mins


200×8-10 mins


Usage :

Because of D68matt-finishing hardner has high melting point, it’s compatibility with resin isunstisfactory. To eliminate this defect, it’s very important in composing D68matt-finishing hardner to homoeneous disperion, customers can properly enhanceextruding temperature(100 up) or moreextruded .



Recommendformulation :

Hybridepolyester                   5

Epoxy resin                         55

D68                                 5

Levelling agent                     1

gloss enhanceagent                 1

benzoin                              0.3-0.5

wax                                 0.3-0.5

matt bodyfiller(barium sulphate)   30

MA-100(blackpigment)               1.2


This formulation canget matt powder coaitng , the gloss around 5-8% .

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